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How much is it going to cost??

Scarlett offers computerized, edge-to-edge, pantograph or block design quilting,
as well as custom ruler work and free-motion quilting.

Edge-to-edge, all-over quilting starts at .015 cents per square inch.  Some denser patterns are .02 cents per square inch. Custom quilting starts at .02 cents per square inch.

Example:  An 80 x 100 quilt is 8,000 square inches. 8,000 x .015 = $120  --  edge-to-edge, all over design
8,000 x .02 = $160  --  some denser all over designs/starting custom price

Scarlett will also trim your quilt, ready for binding for $10.

Scarlett will bind your quilt for 10 cents per linear inch.
Same example as above, binding would be $36 - cut, prepared, and sewn on by machine.

Now offering hand finished binding for 15 cents per linear inch.
Example above would be $54 - cut, prepared, sewn on by machine on front and hand-whipped down on the back.